Ofsted results

Good and outstanding in some areas

  • Staffs’ assessments of children are accurate and enable them to plan activities that are tailored to the children’s individual needs. As a result, all children make good progress given their starting points and capabilities.
  • Staff provide a wealth of resources to support children to understand the world around them. Children experience visits from professionals, such as doctors and dentists, and regularly explore the woods and environment surrounding the pre – school.
  • Staff support children excellently with changes in their lives. They make home visits to the children before they start attending and obtain a wealth of information from parents about the children’s care needs. As a result, they seamlessly move from home to the pre-school and settle extremely well.
  • Staff have an excellent understanding of how to support children in gaining skills and knowledge about their safety and health. During cooking activities, staff remind children of what to do to keep themselves safe and talk about the effects that sugar can have on their bodies.
  • Staff have formed strong relationships with parents and children’s families. They provide a good range of opportunities for parents to contribute to their children’s learning at the setting and at home. Consequently, children are provided with a wide range of opportunities to make good progress.
 Read the Woodland Corner 2015 OFSTED Report here.